Since I’m a new rep, I wanted to celebrate by having a raffle! Who doesn’t love contests :) I got a free cosmetic bag with one of my orders, but to be honest I already have so many, so I was like hmm…free present! So I bought a few other goodies to put in it.

Here’s the bag…


…And here’s what comes in it!

So altogether:

Midi Cosmetic Bag ($10)
Juicy Details Lemon Sugar Gift Set ($10)—comes with the 3-in-1 body wash/shampoo/conditioner Lemon Sugar (6.7oz) and Juice Gems lip gloss in Lemon Sugar
Glow Baby Glow sample in Smooches
3 samples of Calm and Composed moisturizer
3 samples of For Goodness Face SPF 30 moisturizer
3 samples of Matte Chance moisturizer
3 samples of See Things Clearly moisturizer
3 samples of Break Out Plan Anti-Acne Gel Lotion
Ibiza perfume sample
Jewel perfume sample
Fair Trade Certified Info Postcard
Magalog 7, and 8 (which comes out next month)
20% off your next mark. purchase

I like to be generous. Can you tell lol?

I will be doing the raffle two weeks from now, July 20th. So if you want to win…here’s how!

1. Go to my mark. store:
2. Register at my store (it takes only a minute or two)

And that’s it! You don’t have to buy anything, and I don’t send out emails. All your information stays private. However if you do want to get anything from the store, for the first $10 you spend I’ll put in another ticket for you, and after that every $5 you spend after that I’ll put in another one (anyone who shops at my mark store will also get samples sent from me as a thank-you gift).

I hope two weeks is enough. Once I start up my YouTube channel I’ll announce it there too. I hope I can do contests and raffles once a month or every other month.

Anyway, that’s it for tonight. If you decide to enter the raffle good luck!! :D


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